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Registering the current focus area (AF Area Regist.) (still image) Deleting a registered AF Area (Del. Reg. AF Area) Pre-AF (still image) Eye-Start AF (still image) AF Track Sens (still image) Priority Set in AF-S; Priority Set in AF-C; AF Illuminator (still image) AF Area Auto Clear; Disp. cont. AF area; Phase Detect. Area ; AF Micro Adj. AF.

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What is AF Area Auto clear? Sets whether the focus area should be displayed all the time or should disappear automatically shortly after focus is achieved. What is pre AF? The [Pre-AF] function is a function in which the camera automatically adjusts the focus before you press the shutter button halfway down in still image shooting. Adjusting ....

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United Kingdom. China. Japan. 2018. 3. 22. · Eye-Start AF: Off – do not enable this, as it could drain the battery. This setting will automatically detect if you are using the viewfinder and try to focus. And if you put it against your body, the camera will indefinitely try to.

Sets whether or not to detect the person’s face or eye inside the focusing area and focus on the person’s face or eyes when autofocus is activated. When shooting, press the shutter button.

2 days ago · Search: Minolta 45mm F2 Fuji. 0 Release of Rokinon 12 mm 1:2 4 and 33mm f/1 8; minolta af 28mm f2 Window Chops For Peterbilt 389 · r/analog The earlier version has a little window on the lens front ring that shows aperture value, the later version My first (film) camera was a Minolta A-2 which had a 5-element 45mm f/2 The earlier version has a little window on.

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